Eric's Custom Bike Rack

Eric's Custom Bike Rack

Eric is not a stranger when it comes to building something cool from scratch. He's a founder of Pebble smartwatches, and currently works with countless startups to help them grow and scale as a partner at a world renowned startup accelerator program, Y-Combinator. 

When Eric learnt about Aalo, he naturally began coming up with unique ideas on how to use our assembly system. He approached us with an idea of building a double bike rack with custom dimensions to make a better use of his space, and shortly after, we began sketching ideas and within minutes a new bike rack design was born.


Eric's custom bike rack design uses T-connectors in most joints to create a sturdy structure, and a stand-off portion in the middle with two 90 Degree connectors to provide extra support against the wall. 

Finally, the assembly was secured with adjustable feet (twist-to-extend) attached to both ends, which was then extended to fit between his floor and a ceiling. 

The end result is a sturdy and portable bike rack that does not need to be drilled into the wall, complete with custom dimensions that perfectly fits Eric's bikes and space requirements. 


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