Reinventing furniture, one piece at a time.

Our journey started with a simple question: How can we design a better furniture solution for today's individuals?


For years, purchasing furniture has been an experience full of compromises - affordable design means reduced quality and uninspired looks, while unique designs with quality materials are simply out of reach for most.


At Aalo, we've made it our mission to change this, to create a new type of furniture system that is just as simple and durable as it is customizable. Minimal designs made uniquely yours. No more compromises.


We've designed special connectors that are interchangeable. This means efficiencies in our design process, while giving you the maximum amount of customizability.


Designed by manufacturing and material engineers, all of the details are carefully constructed to be the most efficient in manufacturing and supply chain, so your experience is hassle-free.


We save costs on design and manufacturing, so we can invest heavily on quality materials. Our parts are made with only the best grade of aluminum with premium powder coat finish, for durable use in both indoors and outdoors.


We've cut out the middleman and all unnecessary overhead costs along the way, so we can provide high quality and versatility at attainable prices.


Good designs are made better when shared. Have fun sharing your ideas, or save time by purchasing the designs created by other people like you.


We believe consumers have the rights to know where their goods are coming from, and how they are designed and made. We strive to be transparent in all aspects of our operations.

Because your space matters.

Whether it's your office, living room or your bedroom, how you choose to outfit your space says a lot about you.

With our approach, we want our designs to be something more than just another object in your room - a simple tool to make your space truly reflect your creative identity.

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